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by Arthur Jeon

"Sex, Love and Dharma"


"City Dharma
Keeping Your Cool in the Chaos


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From Longing to Belonging

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1. Express love in every interaction – Being kind and warm to the people you meet daily builds positive energy, allowing you to realize your capacity for love. Rather than save your love for that one “special” person, treat the world as your lover and you will never be lonely.

2. There’s no such thing as a failed relationship – When a relationship ends, learn from the experiences and take the lessons onto the next. Realize how you grew and what you gained from that relationship and you will be able to look at the next with a greater awareness, both of yourself and your significant other.

3. There’s no such thing as casual sex – Make a distinction between simple lust and a genuine physical attraction as an expression of love that can build into something. With sex we reach the highest level of our desire to touch and be touched, and once we’ve done so, it’s impossible to keep it casual.
4. Be open to possibility- Be open to every person you meet and give them a chance. Waiting for your “dream” date or a “perfect” person will leave you lonely and unable to see the diamond in the rough right in front of you.
5. Leave your expectations behind– Going into a date with expectations or an agenda leaves you unable to enjoy the moment. Drop any stories you might have. Let the date unfold and take pleasure in it for what it is, rather than what you want it to be.
6. Anger & Jealousy- When they arise observe them but don’t let these emotions take hold. They are natural, so be sure to forgive them in yourself and others. Don’t obsess on the negative.
7. Be truly generous – If a person gives in order to get something in return, no matter how much they give, they are not being generous. The actions are transactional, have expectations and agendas. Give love and gifts without reminding your partner that you are giving them.
8. Explore your attraction to others – But try to get below the surface of the attraction. You may find it isn’t about sex at all but a longing to fill a need of another kind like friendship or companionship.
9. Love means radical acceptance – If you try to change someone who is not ready, you are not being loving. And if you don’t let someone change who wants to, you are not being loving. Acceptance of your lover is love, pure and simple.
10. Forgive– Forgiveness is the first step towards accepting. Acceptance of yourself as well as others is the only way to act with compassion, which is the highest form of love.

From: "Sex, Love & Dharma " by  Arthur Jeon


More about Arthur Jeon and our show "From Longing to Belonging"


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