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From the Heart Media Television Shows and videos developed by media psychotherapist, interviewer and talk show host, Sheri Meyers, to facilitate personal growth and improve your health and relationships. Straight from the Heart TV
Sheri Meyers - Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist


Barbara Abercrombie "The Writing Life"
Daniel Amen "Sex on the Brain "
"Dating and the Brain"
"Preventing Alzheimers "
"New Insights into ADD"
"The Brain-Soul Connection"
Suzanne Falter Barns  "Creating Joy"
Joel Bauer "Positive Persuasion "
Sage Bennet "The Ways of Wisdom"
bbpictiny.gif (1602 bytes)
Barbara Biziou "Rituals that Feed Your Soul"
Harold Bloomfield tiny pic.GIF (2294 bytes) Harold Bloomfield "Healing Your Past"
"Love Fitness: Creating Greater Intimacy"
Nathaniel Branden

"Self Esteem and Love"
"The Psychology of Romantic Love"
"The Challenge and Beauty of Romantic Love"
"How to Raise Your Self Esteem"

"Coping With Anxiety & Stress "

Bruce Brander What is REAL Love?
Patti Breitman tiny pic.GIF (2350 bytes)
Patti Breitman "Saying NO Without 
Feeling Guilty "
Rhonda Britten "Loving Without Fear"   
Julia Cameron Picture
Julia Cameron "Unleashing Your Creativity"
Cherie Carter-Scott "Rules for Loving"
Deepak Chopra "The Spiritual Laws of Yoga"
Lissa Marie Coffey "Discovering Your Love Dosha"
Rabbi David A. Cooper Picture
Rabbi David A. Cooper "God Is A Verb"
"On The Path To Enlightenment"
SCpictiny.gif (653 bytes)
Sam Christensen "Charisma"
DasSmallColorGif.gif (1574 bytes)
Lama Surya Das "Practical Buddhism"
Felice Dunas "Getting Out of Your Sexual Rut"
"Passion Play"
"The Art of Seduction"
Donna Eden "Healing With Energy Medicine"
"Chakra's & Rhythms"
Donna Eden &
David Feinstein
"Balance Your Body's Energies"
Paul & Sarah Edwards "Handling Change"
mepictiny.gif (682 bytes) Mark Epstein "Embracing Emptiness"
Leonard Felder "Creative Solutions for Handling Difficult Relatives"
Guy Finley "Letting Go"
"Let Go of Limitation"
rgpictiny.gif (745 bytes)
Robert Gass "Chanting"
DGpictiny.gif (1242 bytes)
Donna Goodman "Talking It Out"
"Yearners and Protectors"
Jean-Marie Hamel The Art of Happiness
Paul Heussenstamm Picture
Paul  Heussenstamm "Creating A Soul Mandala"
Lynn Ianni. "A Roadmap to Intimacy"
Gerald Jampolsky "Forgiveness" 
Living Love, Releasing Fear
Arthur Jeon "From Longing to Belonging"
samkeentiny.gif (1575 bytes)
Sam Keen "Taking Flight"

Daphne Rose  Kingma

"Love Types"
Peter Lambrou "Instant Emotional Healing"
Marti Olsen Laney "Introverts & Extroverts
Diana Lang "Just Breathe"
"Yoga for Everyday Use"
Sarah La Saulle &
Sharon Kagan

"Healing a Broken Heart"
Janet Luhrs "Simply Loving"
Debra Mandel "Strengthening the Over-Sensitive Heart"
Camille Maurine
Lorin Roche
"Sensuous Meditation"
Fred Miller "Simply Relaxing"
Darlene Mininni "Emotional Power Skills"
Richard Moss "Living in the Now"
WMpictiny.gif (1667 bytes)
Wayne Muller "A Day of Rest"
Judith Orloff "Energy Vampires and Other Life Drainers "
Pamala Oslie "Your Love Colors"
Jordan Paul "Keeping Your Heart On"
Suzane Piela "Sacred Healing, Sacred Dying" 
Jill Raiguel "Express Yourself!"
Laure Redmond "Feeling Good Naked"
Cheryl Richardson Picture
Cheryl Richardson "Taking Charge of Your Life"
Cheryl Richardson Picture
Andrei Ridgeway "The Intuitive Path to Love"
Lorin Roche Picture
Lorin Roche "Meditation Made Real Easy"
Barry Sears "The Zone Made Simple"
Caroline Sharp "Unblocking Your Blocks"
Sirah Vettese "Making Love Divine"
"Free Yourself from Holding Back "
CVpictiny.gif (678 bytes)
Chistopher Vogler "The Writers Journey"
Jenny Wade "Transcendent Sex"
Laura Jensen Walker "Sacred Healing, Sacred Dying"
Cynthia M. Watson "Aphrodisiacs and Love Potions"
Judith Wright "The Decision That Changes Your Life"
Connie Zweig "Illuminating Your Shadow"

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